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Miscellaneous Projects

Fridge Haven Logo

Fridge Haven is a collective working to address food apartheid in New Haven, CT through starting a community fridge. I designed this logo.

Supported by Bridgeport Mutual Aid's community fridge project (Fridgeport), Central CT DSA's community building and mutual aid arm (Rosebuds Collective), as well as the Middletown Mutual Aid Collective, where I am an organizer.

Support the GoFundMe to kickstart this project with a donation!

I designed a creatively retro logo for Nick Teeling, who owns a pair of emerald green round spectacles that he loves dearly.

Nick Teeling
Nick Teeling for Winstead Selectman

This is a brochure for the New Britain Racial Justice Coalition, who are organizing to fight Republicans seeking harsher sentences and penalties for juvenile offenders.

New Britain Racial Justice Coalition
New Britain Racial Justice Coalition
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